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Motion-Sensor LED Light

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Motion-Sensor LED Light

Motion-Activated, Convenient & Energy-Saving

With its cutting-edge motion-sensor, this LED light will automatically turn on when it detects movement in its sensing range and turn off after 25 seconds of inactivity, saving you a chunk on your energy bill. This feature also means no more fumbling for the light switch in the dark, or when you have your hands full.

USB Rechargeable With Long Battery Life

Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery, no dry batteries needed. Saves money and the environment. Charging is easy as the light can be conveniently detached from the surface thanks to its magnets. Simply take it down and connect it to your wall adaptor, power bank or laptop using the USB cable provided. Enjoy up to 60 days of use under the motion-sensing modes once fully charged in 3-4 hours.

Place It Anywhere You Want, No Drilling or Wiring Needed

The light is ultra-thin and has strong built-in magnets for quick and easy attachment to any metallic surface. For all other surfaces, use the metal strips with 3M adhesive at the back provided. Simply locate the magnetic positions of the light and attach the metal strips there. Then, peel off the adhesive, stick to the desired location and you are good to go.

Set the Mood With 3 Distinct Colors & Adjustable Glow

Choose warm for a cozy and inviting atmosphere, white for a modern and refreshing ambiance, and natural for a bright and cheerful environment. You can also press and hold the glow control button to gradually raise the brightness to your desired level, making it ideal for different activities and vibes.

Unleash Your Creativity With Different Lighting Effects

The cone effect of the LED light can be easily customized by altering its distance from the wall. Placing the light closer to the wall creates a more focused and intense beam, while moving it farther away produces a wider and softer projection. An excellent way to bring versatility and aesthetic charm to the illuminated space.

3 Sensing Modes to Meet Your Needs

Press the on/off button once for constant mode, where the light always stays on. Double press for night sensing mode with the light triggered only when surrounding light is insufficient and motion is detected. Press three times for all-day sensing mode when your need the light to be activated only by motion regardless of background brightness. Finally, the light turns off completely on the fourth press.

One Light, Endless Possibilities

Use as spotlights to highlight your prized artwork and decorative pieces. Place it under your kitchen cabinet for extra illumination, or in your closet for easy navigation. Install it in your hallway and staircase for a safe and well-lit pathway. Add a touch of warmth to your bedroom by positioning it under your bed or nightstand. And because it can be easily detached, you can even use it as an emergency torch in times of need.

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