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Magnetic Fluid Music Rhythm Lamp

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*This product is purely visual. It does not function as a speaker nor emits any sound.

Magnetic Fluid Music Rhythm Lamp


What Kind of Sorcery is This?

Magnetic fluid (also known as ferrofluid) is a viscous substance composed of magnetic solid particles with a diameter of less than 10 nanometers. It combines fluidity of a liquid with magnetic properties of a solid. Developed by NASA in the 1960s, it was originally designed to control rocket fuel in zero gravity. You may recognize it as the inspiration behind the alien symbiote in the movie Venom.

Bring Your Beats to Life

As your favorite tune (or any external sound) gets picked up by the built-in mic, the ferrofluid reacts to the changing magnetic field, creating dynamic patterns that dance and sway in tune with the sound waves. Things get even more interesting when the bass drops, the intense low-frequency vibrations kick the ferrofluid into a higher gear, forming dramatic spikes and peaks.

Bored at Your Desk? Play with It

Use the included magnet to manipulate the ferrofluid, making it dance and form mesmerizing patterns. This hands-on activity offers endless fun without the need for power. A great way to interact with the ferrofluid audio visualizer if you don’t feel like any music.

Works With All Kinds of Music

Whether you are into hip-hop, classical, EDM or rock, the magnetic fluid music rhythm lamp adapts to each genre’s unique rhythms and frequencies. This genre-agnostic design ensures a visually engaging liquid choreography, regardless of your musical taste.

Crafted from Premium Materials

The ABS housing is sturdy with an oak grain finish, combining durability with a touch of elegance. The display container is made of premium-quality glass to ensure clarity while keeping dust at bay. It also features an LED backlight that bathes the liquid dance in a stunning glow, turning your space into a mini light show. A crystal decoration is placed at the corner to give it a sleek sci-fi look.

Versatile Utility

Whether used alongside your hi-fi or Bluetooth speakers, serving as a decorative desktop accessory or a stress-relieving tool, this ferrofluid sound visualizer’s versatility makes it ideal for different settings and applications. You can even place it on the piano as a metronome! The perfect gift for kids of all ages (including you 😉).

Easy Setup and Wireless in Action

The magnetic fluid music rhythm lamp is all about fun right out of the box. No complicated setup, no Bluetooth, no wi-fi needed. Supports USB-C fast charging. The built-in lithium battery can last 8 hours on a full charge. You can use the device while charging or 100% wireless.

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