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Electric Lint Remover

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Flaunt Your Clothes with Confidence

Tired of your favorite clothes looking worn out and covered in annoying lint? Our mechanical lint remover takes care of that. This easy-to-use tool effortlessly removes lint, fuzz, and other debris from your clothes, keeps them looking brand new and saves you money on costly dry cleaning bills. Best sweater shaver in the market, a must-have for your wardrobe maintenance routine.

Electric Lint Remover


Revitalize Your Wardrobe with Ease

Simply turn the fabric shaver on and glide it over your favorite garments for a convenient solution to those nasty lint balls. With one simple swipe, all unwanted fabrics will be removed by a rotating cutter and sucked into a detachable storage compartment, making cleanup a breeze and your wardrobe refreshed.

USB Rechargeable Fabric Shaver for Sustainable Use

No dry batteries needed, helps you save money and the environment. Enjoy 4 hours of continuous use-time once fully charged. Fast charging is available with the USB cable provided.

The Mechanical Lint Remover That Does It All

Our automatic lint remover is a versatile tool. Whether you want to remove lint, pet hair, or fuzz from different types of clothing, furniture, beddings, curtains or your car seats, the fabric shaver is the perfect tool. Its lightweight and small size also makes it the best fabric shaver for travelling to ensure you look crisp and polished at all times.

Best Sweater Shaver for Gentle Fabric Care & Protection

The mesh cover shields your fabrics from direct contact with the cutter, ensuring your clothes are safe from damage. It traps and secures lint balls in place for the blades to remove. The micro-curved and large contact surface is specially designed to fit snugly with your clothes for maximum lint-removal efficiency.

Leaves No Bobble Behind

The 6-blade cutter is sharp enough to tackle the toughest of lint balls while still being flexible enough to capture the smaller ones. Made of stainless steel, the precision blades are durable and able to remove all traces of lint and fluff from your clothes.

Automatic Safety Feature for Your Peace of Mind

Your safety is our top priority, that’s why the electric lint remover comes with a built-in contact switch that automatically powers off the device if the mesh cover ever becomes unfastened. You can use the automatic lint remover with confidence knowing you are well protected.

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